From Custer Park to the Missouri River to the Mississippi River … wow!

Greetings from La Crosse, Wisc.  A day and a half of long driving with few stops have brought us here, to a less-than-wonderful HoJo motel.  Last night we stayed in the lovely (really!) Oasis Inn in Oacoma, S.D., and slept through a huge thunder-and-hail rainstorm. This morning I asked the desk gal if that was an unusually big storm.  “No,” she said, “we have had lots of storms lately.  But that one was really pretty.” (Who was watching!?!)

Yesterday morning we drove the scenic and wildlife routes through the wonderful Custer State Park, in the southeast part of the Black Hills.  What a great place! Several campgrounds and cabin resorts within the grounds look like great places to stay.  And the wildlife loop was truly amazing.


Check out these photos of bison, burros (including one old and particularly well-endowed gent), and beautiful scenery. Scroll past photos for more ….


Once east of Rapid City, I’ve just been motoring along with the kids (see yesterday’s no-Badlands note).  The Oasis Inn was just west of the Missouri River, and tonight I’m in La Crosse, Wisc., just east of the Mississippi River.  So today we crossed both (see the photo from the rest stop in Chamberlain, Wisc., looking west over the Missouri).  Lewis and Clark-like travels, wouldn’t you say ;>)) ??

1291704-P1030787 1291703-P1030786

I’m amazed at how far we traveled today.  Minnesota becomes the second state (that NW corner of Arizona was the first) that we have passed through but not stayed in.  I thought about detouring up to the Twin Cities to talk to Tiger Woods (haven’t said hi to him since the famous US Open at Torrey Pines), but decided to keep going east instead.


Tomorrow I may stop in Madison (I was there in 1973, I think, for a hippie wedding), or Milwaukee (to say hi to Trevor), then early Sat. to Waukegan to see Harry, Hazel and Sadie Came.  Fun!
Note: As it happened, I missed Madison and Milwaukee. Next stop: Gurnee, Illinois.




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