Colorado photos

I took many of these from viewpoints, from Rest Stops (Colorado has the nicest ones I’ve ever seen — they’re like resorts), and some from the car.

The car, by the way, had lost 3 bolts off the exhaust manifold.  My pals Kyle and James got replacements at NAPA, replaced and tightened them, checked all the fluids, and sent me back onto the road — without noise!  What a relief.

I took I-70 from Rifle to Glenwood Springs, then north through Yampa to Steamboat Springs, then east to Walden — a depressing looking town near the state’s northern border.  I checked into a motel here, not wanting to be on the back roads toward Laramie in the dusk.  Too many deer.

So tomorrow I’ll go to Laramie, WY, then to Wheatman, and onto the Black Hills of South Dakota.  I am very excited about that.  Will stay Monday night in Rapid City.


2 thoughts on “Colorado photos

  1. I tried this before and they said it was spam. So, I registered for a site and then sent you a comment on another site (yours). Then, I refound this one. Anyway, your pictures are great. I’m glad you got the car fixed and the animals are doing ok. Be safe!


  2. <html><head><style type="text/css"><!– DIV {margin:0px;} –></style></head><body>Thanks, Susie, for your persistence and interest.  Say hi to Ty.  I’m in a motel in Wyoming awaiting some car repair news.  A bit of brake trouble today, and I didn’t want to chance it.  More info to come.– Marsha</body></html>


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