Zion National Park and environs

Let’s add Zion National Park to that list of places you must see before you die.  It is too beautiful, spectacular, stunning to describe.  My photos (posted earlier) simply can’t convey the majesty, or the magic.

Because pets are not allowed on the scenic drive shuttle bus (about 90 min. round trip if you don’t stay to tour or hike any of the stops), I didn’t even see the park’s most famous landmarks and viewpoints. I drove from the south entrance (at the lovely little town of Springdale) through the southeast edge, and out onto Rt. 9 headed east. 

From there I took a very scenic back route along Rt. 9 and Rt. 12 toward Bryce, but I decided to forego Bryce Canyon due to time limitations, and instead rode on toward Tropic and Torrey, eventually landing on Rt. 24 and spending the night in a town called Bicknell.  Check these routes on a map if you’re interested in seeing how many spectacular parks, canyons and mesas are visible or accessible from this route. 

Someday I hope to return to this very special part of our country, to spend good time walking, riding and exploring.  I hope you get there too.

I’d like to post some more photos, but this slow internet connection will not oblige.  Will try again tomorrow.


One thought on “Zion National Park and environs

  1. Very interesting ! You are a great guide . I admire your ability to take care of your family and keep them comfortable.. So TALLY HO ! Lets Go On. Marsha .


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