Car trouble

Stopping tonight in Rifle, Colorado. Apparently my sweet Subaru has a busted exhaust manifold. I am told I can drive to MD without causing any damage, if I can endure the loud noise (like a big Harley).
Am persuaded to bypass Denver and take back roads toward Laramie, WY, then NE to Rapid City. Scenic, shorter and faster, I am told. Will try to find a Sunday mechanic in the AM before setting off.

 Hope to find wi-fi to post stories tonight.

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3 thoughts on “Car trouble

  1. I am following your route on an old fashioned Rand McNally Road Atlas so I can figure out exactly where you are. I am so sorry about the exhaust manifold – I hope nothing worse happens to the car. Just take it easy with all those mountains and if the trip takes a little longer then so be it. It just gives you more time to enjoy the magnificent scenery, I am sure that all of your friends wish they were with you.Harry


  2. <html><head><style type="text/css"><!– DIV {margin:0px;} –></style></head><body>Thanks, Harry.  I found a mobile mechanic last night, and he will be checking out the car this morning.  Hope to be back on the road this afternoon, with my new route taking me through Meeker and Craig, Colorado, toward Steamboat Springs.  I may stop there to enjoy the famous resort, or drive on toward Laramie, Wyoming.</body></html>


  3. I sure am happy that you found a mechanic that has Suburu parts and can fix it. I know exactly what kind of noise you were riding with.. This reminds me of the days when the West was won and the adventures of the covered wagons.I am ready to procede as soon as the car is fixed. TALLY HO HO HO !!!!


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